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Spectra showcases the work of CalArts’ Graphic Design class of 2013—design which represents a range of values along more than one continuum; from print to electronic media, personal work to collaborative efforts, the work displays a fluidity between concept-driven and formal solutions. Whereas a single spectrum describes a smooth path with infinite values in between, the geometry of many is flecked with intersections that are distinct points of reference. Spectra examines these nodes, suggesting threads that run through individual bodies of work as well as well as the work of the program as a whole. Featuring essays by Ian Lynam, Gail Swanlund and Lorraine Wild.








Facebook Artists in Residence Program Fall 2012

The Facebook Artist in Residence program brings in a diverse range of artists to work on campus alongside employees as a means to energize, inspire, and challenge the community. We value the contagious nature of creative production and the connection made when witnessing a work in progress. Bringing in relevant art projects to the campus reinforces our ideal work environment and encourages original thinking. The catalog is a documentation of our first group of artists.


Work From California

The Way Beyond Art: Wide White Space

Slippery Contours

Utopique Type Specimen Book