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Modular Succulent Garden

Made up of tiles, mirrors, and plants that fit together in infinite ways to create a meditative and uplifting experience, indoors or out.

Michael Afsa

What are you thinking about these days? What ideas are important to you in your practice?
I have been exploring themes of perception and emotion, specifically the ways in which we understand ourselves and our surroundings. I am curious about the wide differences in the way each of us experiences the animate and inanimate; the palpable and the spiritual. I am working to turn these explorations into some kind of poetry.

Is your leisure influencing your labor, or vice versa? Do you feel like you’re leading a double life?
My leisure and labor consistently influence each other. Many ideas for my creative work come to me through leisure activity. Leisure gives my mind the chance to reflect, meditate, and wander. Leisure that occupies the mind is also helpful. It lets me come back to my work with a clearer perspective. Until I left my job in advertising I definitely felt I was leading a double life. There was a major dissonance between my work life and personal life. Now I am trying to turn my leisure into my labor! I am asking for trouble…

Michael Afsa is an artist whose work explores the uniqueness and beauty of being human. His work initiates questions about ourselves and our surroundings, and seeks to enable a deeper understanding of the relationship between the two.