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Alex Pines

What are you thinking about these days? What ideas are important to you in your practice?

Super generic but I’ve been thinking about print and digital publishing. I was turned on to this book recently (http://monoskop.org/images/a/a6/Ludovico,_Alessandro_-_Post-Digital_Print._The_Mutation_of_Publishing_Since_1894.pdf) by Silas Munro. Ideas important to my practice is the idea of a shadow practice, thanks to Ed. Picking up the remnants my graduate thesis and trying to find ways to put a bow on them.

Is your leisure influencing your labor, or vice versa? Do you feel like you’re leading a double life?

I am absolutely leading a double life. I tried to reconcile my background and involvement with hardcore music in to something more general and failed epically. With that being said, the visual forms from hardcore punk records and flyers inform my practice today. Which has its roots in old commercial art and design tools and production.

Alex Pines is a designer for SCI-Arc’s Office of Publications. His interests include early 80′s hardcore punk, skateboarding and pizza snobriety.