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Noe Montes

Noe Montes is a photographer who lives and works in Los Angeles. The themes of his work are race, class, power, images and meaning. He has been commissioned to create work by many Los Angeles institutions and he has exhibited work in several galleries and museums.


Spectra showcases the work of CalArts’ Graphic Design class of 2013—design which represents a range of values along more than one continuum; from print to electronic media, personal work to collaborative efforts, the work displays a fluidity between concept-driven and formal solutions. Whereas a single spectrum describes a smooth path with infinite values in between, the geometry of many is flecked with intersections that are distinct points of reference. Spectra examines these nodes, suggesting threads that run through individual bodies of work as well as well as the work of the program as a whole. Featuring essays by Ian Lynam, Gail Swanlund and Lorraine Wild.








Transparent Cassette Box and Cassette

Collaboration with Jessica Castillo
7 x 4.5 see-through cassette box with a cassette inside
The cassette length is 45 minutes long
Edition of 30 cassette boxes

Somebody Else’s Point of View


Modular Succulent Garden

Made up of tiles, mirrors, and plants that fit together in infinite ways to create a meditative and uplifting experience, indoors or out.

Postcard from Hawaii

Here’s a digital postcard from Hawaii!
Aloha and Mahalo!



The images in the Pyramids portfolio are pulled from various series and projects and repurposed, their meaning is in flux. Many of them have become the starting point for other series, projects and ways of seeing.

A portfolio of 10 images from the series Pyramids by photographer Noe Montes. 10 inkjet prints on Handwriting Paper, Grade 2
Each print 8 in. x 10.5 in

Sweet Memory Recall Comb & Head Massager All-in-One

Object: Sweet Memory Recall Comb & Head Massager All-in-One
Price for object: $5
Description: When life starts to go at dizzying speeds and you feel yourself losing trajectory, just comb this device through your strands. The magic earth crystal, extracted from the deepest underwater cave, will send its electromagnetic waves through tiny rollers at the end of each tooth and onto your scalp surface. It will help you recall of all the wonderful places you’ve been and things you’ve done. You’ll find yourself relaxed and standing on your own two feet again.

Turning a Smart Phone Into a Projector


Acid No.2